Nailbiter #17: I am behind on this, but it’s still such a great book that I’m looking forward to catching up.

paper girlsPaper Girls #2: I loved the first issues of BKV’s new series Paper Girls. I am interested to see how this series goes. I’m not sure if this series is riding on the nostalgia factor which is so popular right now or if this series is going to find its own footing. I have no doubt that BKV will do a great job and that this series will fit well in many library collections.

Amazing Spider-Man #3: I am not a Spider-Man reader, but this arc of Amazing Spider-Man is starting to sway my opinion. One of the flaws for me has been his juvenile attitude and perspective. What this series does is strike a great balance between the adult concerns, as Peter Parker now runs a multi-billion dollar, socially conscious corporation called Parker Industries while maintaining his youthful demeanor.

dr. strangeDoctor Strange #2: I still don’t know too much about Doctor Strange, but I am happy with how this series started off. It is difficult introducing the secondary characters, but as an “interdimensional magician for hire”, the clients may be more important than the doctor.

Howard the Duck #1: Chip Zdarsky’s at it again! Excited for this one today!

Survivor’s Club #2: This is the first Vertigo book I’ve read since Fables ended. While the first issue was very introductory, I am interested to see how this series pans out. Will it be a 7 part mini-series, with each of the characters going through their individual arcs and then one with the big bad boss man? A person being haunted by a video game is a great first story and I’m interested to see how they fight this evil.


Pull List – Week 43

Black Magick special edition coverBlack Magick #1: Only one comic book this week, but it better be a good one. I think this new collaboration by Greg Rucka and Nicola Scott will be a welcome addition to my pull list. Detective Rowan Black works for the Portsmouth Police Department trying to solve the biggest mystery of her career…herself! Self-described as a “Gothic-Noir” with the tagline, “She was a dangerous dame, with a badge, a gun…and some serious tricks up her sleeve!” this seems like another great example of a strong supernatural comic. The comic book industry is inundated with comics set in a realistic world with fanciful aspects like Sex Criminals, Chew and the new book Paper Girls. Plus, the Gothic narrative is making a comeback, and I don’t just think it’s because of Halloween.

Pull List – Week 43

Only one new comic this week. Because of the light load, I’m going to try and sprint through Seconds by Bryan Lee O’Malley. I have started reading it a couple of times, but there always seems to be holds on it at the library (which is a very good thing!). All I know from being 50 pages in is that everyone in or has been in food service should read Seconds.

amazing spider-manAmazing Spider-Man #2: As a Spider-Man noob, I’m excited to learn more about the mythos and world of Spider-Man. The world of Spider-Man is so rich and there are so many ancillary characters that this book has become a Wikipedia read (where I keep Wikipedia open to look up characters). I am so eager to take it all in because I know how formative this character has been to some many readers.. Plus, now that it’s heavy duty spider season indoors, I feel a connection between myself and these 8 legged beasts.

Pull List – Week 42

Week 42DC Comics
DC Bombshells #3: This was a book I picked up on a whim. I am usually not a huge fan of DC comics, but this one is right up my alley. The 1940s, women playing baseball, female Russian fighter pilot, dolphin led chariots and wondrous, Wonder Woman prison breaks! What more could a reader ask for?!

I Hate Fairyland #1: The new book by Skottie Young is one I have been waiting for. It’s about a little girl named Gertrude who is whisked away to Fairyland where she encounters all the more nefarious creatures which haunt the land. While this book is extremely colorful, per Young’s art style, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows for Gertrude.

Sex Criminals #13: MORE SEX POLICE PLEASE! It has been really interesting to watch Suzie and Jon evolve as they learn more about what their powers are, and what type of crowd they fall into. I also always look forward to reading the letter’s column for this one too.

A-Force #5: While the story line is not too intriguing for me, I am looking forward to seeing how this Battle World story ends. I am eager to know who the new Star woman is, how She-Hulk and her compatriots will overthrow Loki, and how this story will wrap up into the new Marvel world.

Captain America White #3: I’ll admit, I haven’t gotten around to reading issue 2, but Captain America’s origin story is my favorite. I also love learning more about young Bucky and his relationship with the Cap. The art is fantastic and I’m definitely going to get this one for library when it comes out in a trade.

Pull List – Week 41

Cover to Nailbiter #16Nailbiter #16: With all the recent mass killing tragedies, it is thought provoking to read a book which explores the lives of serial killers. What causes people to perform these atrocities? Is it their family life? Is it their education? Is it what they are exposed to as children? Is it the town they are from? Nailbiter explores all these questions with interesting characters and a mythology which keeps the reader asking questions.

Paper Girls #1: The 80s are starting to make a revival in popular culture and it is Cover to Paper Girls #1interesting to see what is aspects are being picked up. Scream Queens, Survivor’s Club (mentioned below), and Paper Girls all pull on the horror themes of the eighties. Many people believe that eighties were shrouded in an invincibility complex, and it is great to see that form of eighties style storytelling coming back into popular culture and not in a superhero fashion. Plus, Brian K. Vaughan AND Cliff Chang make for a dynamic storytelling combination for a Goonies style adventure.

Cover to Southern Bastards #11Southern Bastards #11: Jason Aaron strikes a home run again with this book. Each issue is intense and filled with dynamic and tragic characters. This story arc is interesting because, at the end of the first story arc, we were introduced to Tubb’s daughter, Bert, but haven’t seen her in the last several issues and are being shown the other, more fringe citizens of Craw County. Aaron’s storytelling is similar to his Scalped story and Latour’s art evokes sincere emotional reactions.

DC Vertigo
Survivor’s Club #1: Lauren Beukes is an accomplished author and I have enjoyed herCover to Survivor's Club #1 work in comics. Her run of Fairest retelling the Rapunzel story was by far the best of the Fairest storylines, creepy yet elegant, blending the traditional Rapunzel story with Japanese folklore influences. This is the second 80s style book coming out this week and I’m excited to see what happens to these grown-up survivors of 80s horror film storylines.

Cover to Dr. Strange #1Cover to Amazing Spider-Man #1Doctor Strange #1: I know nothing about Doctor Strange…hopefully this book will change that.

Amazing Spider-Man #1: I have never really been a Spider-Man reader. Of course I know his story, but I think that, in the past, I’ve had a difficult time relating to the male teenage angst I feel rules his books so often. So, I’m excited to give this all new, all different book a shot.

Archie Comics
Cover to Jughead #1Jughead #1: Picked this one up on the fly because of how much I love the new Archie book. Really enjoy Chip Z’s art work, still exploring his writing style.

Pull List – Week 40

Cover for Captain America White Issue number 2Captain America White #2:  Picking up the first issues was an impulse buy (plus the CBS had a Skottie Young variant cover, so what the hey!). I love stories set in the 1940/50s, so this is right up my alley. The origin of Captain America has been told many times , but Captain America White has some super special qualities. Captain America and Bucky feel like completely formed characters with flaws, jealously, and fear. Plus, the real life horrors and qualities of soldiers really come through this Captain America story. I can’t wait to read this issue!


Archie Comics
Cover for Archie number 3Archie #3: This is one of my favorite books because it is always a surprise. On the Diamond New Releases list, it is down in the “other publishers” category, so I often forget it’s coming out. Love the Jughead cover, especially since he is a character I hardly know anything about, and can’t wait for Chip Zdarsky’s Jughead series later this year. Staple continues to shine with her artwork, modernizing this classic series with ease.

Pull List – Weeks 37 & 38

Sorry to have missed last week’s pull list. I hope the picture below makes it well worth the wait.Jonesy

Meet Jonesy, the newest member of my family! He came home from our local shelter three weeks ago, but I am still adjusting to the productivity drain his cuddles supply.

Week 36


A-Force #4: Who’s the traitor?! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO???????? (Hint…the cover kind of gives it away)

Bitch Planet #5: It’s hard to believe that Bitch Planet is only on it’s fifth issue. The book is so jam packed with great content. Plus, it’s a thick book. With this issue, they start their 24/14 page split, 24 pages of comic stories, 14 pages of essays, commentary, and fan letters. And that’s one of my favorite parts of Bitch Planet. It’s more than a story, it also makes connections to the real world through the commentaries and knowing how other readers feel about the book.

Injection #5: I really hope this book starts making sense soon. I mean, with Ellis, it’s always a roll of the dice how long it will take for the story to coalesce. There have been a lot of really interesting crazy science books the last few years including FBP and Manhattan Projects; however, I think that Injection is the tamest…so far.

Week 37

Rat Queens #12: As I know I’ve said before, this is my favorite book I’m reading right now. I was so happy to have it back with the last issue. I like the added mystery and family drama of the Rat Queens hunting for Hannah’s dad. Speaking of dads, my extended family was in town because my sister ran a marathon and I came out of my kitchen to see my dad reading Rat Queens #10, which just so happened to be sitting on the desk. He was, “just looking at the pictures.” IMPOSSIBLE!

Sex Criminals #12: Getting to know more about the Sex Police. Need I say more…? (People still can’t believe this book stays on library shelves!).


Last minute addition of Captain America White #1. We’ll see if this gets added to the pull list next month.