Cataloging Best Practices

You may have noticed a new topic in the menu titled Best Practices.

Blonde woman with penFor a while, I’ve been throwing around the idea of typing up some comic book cataloging best practices. Let’s face it, cataloging comics, graphic novels, and manga is DIFFICULT. Not only is cataloging difficult, but classification can be a NIGHTMARE. Frequently, I see questions about cataloging comics on library listservs. And since I love cataloging comics and have written about it in the past, I thought I’d get all the collected wisdom together and distill it into easy to understand, accessible reference documents.

Here’s the plan: this isn’t just going to be a one shoe fits all endeavor. Cataloging comics can vary depending on what your ILS and OPAC are capable of. You have to ask do you want to use series or monographic records? What considerations need to be made for translated manga? I will provide commentary so that you can make informed decision and modify them to fit your institution’s needs.

We’ll also explore call number options. Dewey, genres, series, leveling, there are many considerations when assigning call numbers for comics.

What questions do you have when cataloging and classifying comics? This will be a resource for you and I want to make sure to answer your questions through these documents. Please let me know!