Nailbiter #17: I am behind on this, but it’s still such a great book that I’m looking forward to catching up.

paper girlsPaper Girls #2: I loved the first issues of BKV’s new series Paper Girls. I am interested to see how this series goes. I’m not sure if this series is riding on the nostalgia factor which is so popular right now or if this series is going to find its own footing. I have no doubt that BKV will do a great job and that this series will fit well in many library collections.

Amazing Spider-Man #3: I am not a Spider-Man reader, but this arc of Amazing Spider-Man is starting to sway my opinion. One of the flaws for me has been his juvenile attitude and perspective. What this series does is strike a great balance between the adult concerns, as Peter Parker now runs a multi-billion dollar, socially conscious corporation called Parker Industries while maintaining his youthful demeanor.

dr. strangeDoctor Strange #2: I still don’t know too much about Doctor Strange, but I am happy with how this series started off. It is difficult introducing the secondary characters, but as an “interdimensional magician for hire”, the clients may be more important than the doctor.

Howard the Duck #1: Chip Zdarsky’s at it again! Excited for this one today!

Survivor’s Club #2: This is the first Vertigo book I’ve read since Fables ended. While the first issue was very introductory, I am interested to see how this series pans out. Will it be a 7 part mini-series, with each of the characters going through their individual arcs and then one with the big bad boss man? A person being haunted by a video game is a great first story and I’m interested to see how they fight this evil.