Last Minute Halloween Costumes

There is one week until Halloween, a personal favorite holiday. I love that people get to dress up and be someone else for a change. Although traditionally, people dressed up to ward off evil spirits and honor the dead, now we dress up to show our love and fascination with a character.

A lot of comic book fans have turned to cosplaying to engage their crafty side and to express their love for characters, creators, and stories. If you are looking for a last minute Halloween costume, here are some quick and easy comics suggestions. Most of the craft supplies you may have around the house and a stop at a thrift store  provides the rest.


For those of you venturing out on your own this Halloween, here are some solo ideas for a quick and easy costume you can make RIGHT. NOW!

Superman revealing his uniformClark Kent/Superman à la Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster
Supplies: Suit, Tie, Superman T-Shirt, Glasses

Classics are classics for reasons. Grab a Superman shirt from your closet or a thrift store suit. That’s it (since you most likely own a pair of glasses 🙂 What’s great is  it’s perfectly ok to don a miss-sized suit. That’s exactly what Clark would look like. Some disheveled hair and glasses and you’re set to gather your treats!

Sandman à la Neil Gaiman & many artists
Supplies: Black hair dye (or wig), Black robe, White face powder, Black eye linerSandman

There have been many rumors circulating on the internet that Joseph Gordon-Levitt would like to/is being considered to play Sandman in a film. If you haven’t read Sandman yet, I highly suggest it. For the costume, one black robe/flowy dress + scissor gets you a great ratty costume.

Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) à la G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona
Supplies: Blue tunic shirt, Red leggings, Red long sleeve shirt, Yellow fabric paint, Red scarf, blue fabric

Kamala Khan as Ms. MarvelIf Kamala can make her own costume, you can too! This may be one of the most complex costumes in the solo list, but with a few basic pieces, you can create your very own Ms. Marvel in no time. With your yellow fabric paint (or yellow fabric sewn on if you’re real crafty), a zig-zag lightning bolt is not difficult to add, I think the shape is more difficult that the application.

Bandette by Paul Tobin & Colleen Coover
Supplies: Black long sleeve shirt, Black leggings, Red jumper, Black fabric for a mask, Red globes, Black cape, Red wig

BandetteBandette is a personal favorite comic. I love the mixture of light hearted whimsy and serious thievery. The most important thing about this costume is to have a whimsy attitude and a pastry in hand. Red gloves are probably the most difficult item to find and if you’re feeling real adventurous, dye your hair a vibrant red!


It can feel great to dress up for Halloween with another person. Here are some great duo costumes for couples and friends which are still relativity easy to put together last minute.

Gus & Wendy from Jeff Lemire’s Sweet Tooth
Supplies: Gus: Flannel shirt, Blue jeans, Boots, Suspenders, Styrofoam rods, Brown paint, Headband or elastic, Brown Paint
Supplies: Wendy: Pink dress, Plastic bottle, Elastic, Pink and black paint

gus and wendyJeff Lemire’s great Vertigo series Sweet Tooth is a great post-apocalyptic story of survival. In a nearly abandoned world, antlered Gus survives with Jeppard, a man who wants to take Gus to a sanctuary for human animal hybrids. On the way, they meet Wendy, a pig snouted girl. Making Wendy’s snout from a plastic bottle and some pink paint is relatively easy. With some Styrofoam and brown paint, you can easily make a pair of antlers.

Scott Pilgrim & Ramona Flowers from Bryan Lee O’Malley
Supplies: Scott Pilgrim: Green T-Shirt, Wrist sweat cuffs, Blue jeans, Red solo cups
Supplies: Ramona Flowers: Pink hair dye, Choker, Black tights, Shorts, Hoodie

This is the only ‘manga’ on the list and the costumes are pretty easy. What is most Scott Pilgrim & Ramona Flowersiconic about these characters is the fantasy world they inhabit with all the fantasy and video game elements. For Scott, make sure you have those wrist sweat bands and the pink hair is a giveaway for Ramona. But the attitudes, that is what makes these costumes.

Matt Murdock (Daredevil) and Foggy Nelson
Supplies (Both Matt and Foggy): Nice suits, Sun glasses and a cane for Matt, Business cards for “Nelson and Murdock Law Firm” if you’re feeling ambitious

This one is pretty self explanatory.

Matt Murdock and Foggy NelsonBetty Cooper and Veronica Lodge
Supplies: A blonde and a brunette, and various historical get ups

What is so awesome about dressing up as the leading ladies of the Archie comics is that you can pick whichever historical period you like!

Betty And VeronicaMobs

Get a group of friends and celebrate! Most of these costumes require very little effort, clothes, face paint, and maybe one person who already has a costume set to go.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer a la Joss Whedon

Equation: A blond + a redhead + an eye patch + a wooden stake

Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Scooby GangWicked + the Divine by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie

Equation: Face paint + Costume jewelry + Hip clothes

wicked and divine 2Wicked + the DivineThe Runaways by Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona

Equation: Um, clothes for middle schoolers….

runawaysCaptain Marvel and their Fighter Pilots by Kelly Sue DeConnick, Kelly Thompson, and David Lopez

Equation: Army surplus store + someone willing to be the Captain!

Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps

Enjoy Halloween! Eat loads of candy and be sure to share your Halloween costume with Librarian with Issues on Twitter @librnwithissues