Pull List – Week 43

Only one new comic this week. Because of the light load, I’m going to try and sprint through Seconds by Bryan Lee O’Malley. I have started reading it a couple of times, but there always seems to be holds on it at the library (which is a very good thing!). All I know from being 50 pages in is that everyone in or has been in food service should read Seconds.

amazing spider-manAmazing Spider-Man #2: As a Spider-Man noob, I’m excited to learn more about the mythos and world of Spider-Man. The world of Spider-Man is so rich and there are so many ancillary characters that this book has become a Wikipedia read (where I keep Wikipedia open to look up characters). I am so eager to take it all in because I know how formative this character has been to some many readers.. Plus, now that it’s heavy duty spider season indoors, I feel a connection between myself and these 8 legged beasts.