Pull List – Week 42

Week 42DC Comics
DC Bombshells #3: This was a book I picked up on a whim. I am usually not a huge fan of DC comics, but this one is right up my alley. The 1940s, women playing baseball, female Russian fighter pilot, dolphin led chariots and wondrous, Wonder Woman prison breaks! What more could a reader ask for?!

I Hate Fairyland #1: The new book by Skottie Young is one I have been waiting for. It’s about a little girl named Gertrude who is whisked away to Fairyland where she encounters all the more nefarious creatures which haunt the land. While this book is extremely colorful, per Young’s art style, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows for Gertrude.

Sex Criminals #13: MORE SEX POLICE PLEASE! It has been really interesting to watch Suzie and Jon evolve as they learn more about what their powers are, and what type of crowd they fall into. I also always look forward to reading the letter’s column for this one too.

A-Force #5: While the story line is not too intriguing for me, I am looking forward to seeing how this Battle World story ends. I am eager to know who the new Star woman is, how She-Hulk and her compatriots will overthrow Loki, and how this story will wrap up into the new Marvel world.

Captain America White #3: I’ll admit, I haven’t gotten around to reading issue 2, but Captain America’s origin story is my favorite. I also love learning more about young Bucky and his relationship with the Cap. The art is fantastic and I’m definitely going to get this one for library when it comes out in a trade.