Pull List – Week 41

Cover to Nailbiter #16Nailbiter #16: With all the recent mass killing tragedies, it is thought provoking to read a book which explores the lives of serial killers. What causes people to perform these atrocities? Is it their family life? Is it their education? Is it what they are exposed to as children? Is it the town they are from? Nailbiter explores all these questions with interesting characters and a mythology which keeps the reader asking questions.

Paper Girls #1: The 80s are starting to make a revival in popular culture and it is Cover to Paper Girls #1interesting to see what is aspects are being picked up. Scream Queens, Survivor’s Club (mentioned below), and Paper Girls all pull on the horror themes of the eighties. Many people believe that eighties were shrouded in an invincibility complex, and it is great to see that form of eighties style storytelling coming back into popular culture and not in a superhero fashion. Plus, Brian K. Vaughan AND Cliff Chang make for a dynamic storytelling combination for a Goonies style adventure.

Cover to Southern Bastards #11Southern Bastards #11: Jason Aaron strikes a home run again with this book. Each issue is intense and filled with dynamic and tragic characters. This story arc is interesting because, at the end of the first story arc, we were introduced to Tubb’s daughter, Bert, but haven’t seen her in the last several issues and are being shown the other, more fringe citizens of Craw County. Aaron’s storytelling is similar to his Scalped story and Latour’s art evokes sincere emotional reactions.

DC Vertigo
Survivor’s Club #1: Lauren Beukes is an accomplished author and I have enjoyed herCover to Survivor's Club #1 work in comics. Her run of Fairest retelling the Rapunzel story was by far the best of the Fairest storylines, creepy yet elegant, blending the traditional Rapunzel story with Japanese folklore influences. This is the second 80s style book coming out this week and I’m excited to see what happens to these grown-up survivors of 80s horror film storylines.

Cover to Dr. Strange #1Cover to Amazing Spider-Man #1Doctor Strange #1: I know nothing about Doctor Strange…hopefully this book will change that.

Amazing Spider-Man #1: I have never really been a Spider-Man reader. Of course I know his story, but I think that, in the past, I’ve had a difficult time relating to the male teenage angst I feel rules his books so often. So, I’m excited to give this all new, all different book a shot.

Archie Comics
Cover to Jughead #1Jughead #1: Picked this one up on the fly because of how much I love the new Archie book. Really enjoy Chip Z’s art work, still exploring his writing style.