Pull List – Week 40

Cover for Captain America White Issue number 2Captain America White #2:  Picking up the first issues was an impulse buy (plus the CBS had a Skottie Young variant cover, so what the hey!). I love stories set in the 1940/50s, so this is right up my alley. The origin of Captain America has been told many times , but Captain America White has some super special qualities. Captain America and Bucky feel like completely formed characters with flaws, jealously, and fear. Plus, the real life horrors and qualities of soldiers really come through this Captain America story. I can’t wait to read this issue!


Archie Comics
Cover for Archie number 3Archie #3: This is one of my favorite books because it is always a surprise. On the Diamond New Releases list, it is down in the “other publishers” category, so I often forget it’s coming out. Love the Jughead cover, especially since he is a character I hardly know anything about, and can’t wait for Chip Zdarsky’s Jughead series later this year. Staple continues to shine with her artwork, modernizing this classic series with ease.