Pull List – Weeks 37 & 38

Sorry to have missed last week’s pull list. I hope the picture below makes it well worth the wait.Jonesy

Meet Jonesy, the newest member of my family! He came home from our local shelter three weeks ago, but I am still adjusting to the productivity drain his cuddles supply.

Week 36


A-Force #4: Who’s the traitor?! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO???????? (Hint…the cover kind of gives it away)

Bitch Planet #5: It’s hard to believe that Bitch Planet is only on it’s fifth issue. The book is so jam packed with great content. Plus, it’s a thick book. With this issue, they start their 24/14 page split, 24 pages of comic stories, 14 pages of essays, commentary, and fan letters. And that’s one of my favorite parts of Bitch Planet. It’s more than a story, it also makes connections to the real world through the commentaries and knowing how other readers feel about the book.

Injection #5: I really hope this book starts making sense soon. I mean, with Ellis, it’s always a roll of the dice how long it will take for the story to coalesce. There have been a lot of really interesting crazy science books the last few years including FBP and Manhattan Projects; however, I think that Injection is the tamest…so far.

Week 37

Rat Queens #12: As I know I’ve said before, this is my favorite book I’m reading right now. I was so happy to have it back with the last issue. I like the added mystery and family drama of the Rat Queens hunting for Hannah’s dad. Speaking of dads, my extended family was in town because my sister ran a marathon and I came out of my kitchen to see my dad reading Rat Queens #10, which just so happened to be sitting on the desk. He was, “just looking at the pictures.” IMPOSSIBLE!

Sex Criminals #12: Getting to know more about the Sex Police. Need I say more…? (People still can’t believe this book stays on library shelves!).


Last minute addition of Captain America White #1. We’ll see if this gets added to the pull list next month.