Pull List – Week 35, 2015

Secret Wars has taken a huge hit on my pull list. I’m not reading as many single issue comics as normal, and I can’t wait until Secret Wars is over. It is difficult to keep up with both major publishers doing huge crossover events. Reading many more trades and standalone graphic novels, which is putting a good dent in my to read list.

From last week’s pull list, Rat Queens return was absolutely amazing. Tess Fowler’s art brings a new dynamic to the series. The characters seem more stylized; Hannah’s hair is a bit more rockabilly, and it is difficult to make a bearded lady look gorgeous, but it’s done beautiful. As a first issue of the new story arc, the opening exposition sets us up for a really interesting story.

MarvelCaptain Marvel Issue #3 cover
Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps #3: I really love Kelly Sue DeConnick’s writing style, and for this being one of two Secret Wars books I’m reading (A-Force being the other), it’s been an interesting to dabble in the big crossover event. I like the mixture of military life and the fantastical elements of Doom’s new world.