Pull List – Week 33, 2015

Injection, A-Force, Howard the Duck, the Last Unicorn, Black Science

Injection #4: Can’t wait to see where this trippy, psychedelic, para-dimensional comic goes. Yes, I did use all those words.

A-Force #3: As someone who has not be following Secret Wars, A-Force is a bit confusing for me. But read in conjunction with Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps, I think I know what’s going on.

Howard the Duck #5: If you don’t mind some vulgar humor, Howard the Duck is a great way to kick back and enjoy. Let’s see, we’ve made fun of anthropomorphic superhero animals and the elderly, wonder what Zdarsky has up his sleeve next…

Also, super excited that She-Hulk is on two covers!!!! Wishing she had her own book though…

Marvel Unlimited Catch Ups

Ms. Marvel: So. Far. Behind! It’s embarrassed by this fact.

Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: Just arrived and after reading Great Lake Avengers I am excited to learn more about this unique character.

All-New Captain America: Cause, duh, I love Captain America!

Black Widow: Amazing art, amazing woman.

Trade Paperback o’the Week
Black Science: Been meaning to read this. Plus I love me some handsome devil Rick Remender (for some reason my husband hates it when I call him that…)

Let’s Get Graphic Book Club
The Last Unicorn: Is the next read for the book club I run. The theme was “Graphic Novel Novels”, novels which have been adapted into GNs. While I’m not a huge fantasy person, have never read the novel nor seen the movie, I’m excited to give this one a shot. It won on our ballot which included, A Wrinkle in Time, Coraline, Metamorphosis, Marvel’s Pride and Prejudice, and A Game of Thrones: The Hedge Knight.

What are you reading this week?