Happy 4th of July!

One of the best aspects of my job as a librarian is ensuring everyone has the right to read. It is fundamental that this right be upheld to prevent Orange cover of Saga #29 with five resistanc fighterscensorship of many materials.

In the 29th issue of Saga by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples, their letter column, To Be Continued featured a wonderful thank you to librarians across the United States for keeping Saga on the shelves despite being extremely challenged.

Happy 4th of July! Go out and celebrate your right to read and check out the Library Bill of Rights here.

To Be Continued letter page from Saga #29“Given the graphic contents of this issue, it should probably come as no surprise that our comic is not exactly beloved by some of the more… buttoned-down readers out there, but I was still shocked to learn that Saga was one of the American Library Association’s “Top Ten Frequently Challenged Books of the Year,” especially because one of the reasons we were singled out was for being “anti-family,” which I kind of want to use as a blurb on a future collection.

“Thankfully, while some library patrons may have challenged the presence of Saga on their shelves, because of the heroic librarians of this great nation, our book was never banned or otherwise removed from shelves, for which Fiona and I are both very grateful.

“To quote Neil Gaiman from a recent interview in the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund’s excellent Defender, “I am absolutely, one hundred percent for a parent’s right to say, ‘I do not want my child reading that.” I am absolutely, one hundred percent against a parent saying, “I don’t want my child reading this, and I do not want any other child reading this.” and those two things are very different.”

“As a father of two young readers and as a writer who learned everything from being able to check out whatever the hell I wanted to from the Westlake Porter Public Library as a kid, I couldn’t agree with that sentiment more, so thanks again to everyone who works to make sure that our filthy book is always available to anyone who wants to read it.”

Thank you Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples for creating a book filled with love, a book that explores what it means to be a family, a book which eloquently explores acts of war, a book that makes readers feel.

Keep making great books, and we’ll keep’em on the shelves.