Pull List – Week 40

Fairest #30

Nailbitter #6
Peter Panzerfaust #21
Rat Queens #8

Captain America #25
Silver Surfer #6
Thor #1

Much anticipated… Thor comes out this week. Can’t wait to finally see what all the talk is about (here is a link to a Jason Aaron interview from Comic Book Resources).

But to be completely honest… I am more excited to see where the Silver Surfer is headed next. I was a big league Dr. Who fan, but fell of the band wagon last year. The stories became so complex and the characters became difficult to empathize with. But Silver Surfer and Dawn have filled the gap left by Dr. Who. Dawn Greenwood is a character we can relate to, she likes staying close to home, being around her family, and to have her paired with the Silver Surfer and the POWER COSMIC, is a great. Her love for the fellow prisoners at the Impericon and her no man left behind attitude illustrate her truly caring nature.

An artistic switch-a-roo! I have been on board with Rat Queens and Peter Panzerfaust from the beginning. Both series are wonderful because the stories, written by Kurtis Wiebe, and the art by Roc Upchurch on Rat Queens and Tyler Jenkins on Panzerfaust, mesh so well together. But this week, Jenkins will do the cover for Rat Queens, and Upchurch will be the cover artist for Panzerfaust. And boy are these covers amazing!

Cover of Panzerfaust illustrated by Roc Upchurch

Cover of Rat Queens by Tyler Jenkins